Ballcuzzi- a jacuzzi for your nuts.
“I need a bowl, straw, and some hot water for a good old fashioned ballcuzzi.”

Beauty- (beaut) a person who is pretty much amazing.
“Look at that guy. He just took five beer bongs in a row, what a beauty.”

Beaver Paddle- a thick, sleek mullet.
“Woah, check out the beaver paddle on that beaut.”

Bitty- a hot girl.
“Come to the bar man, there are bitties everywhere.”

Booya- a stew made in a large kettle.
“Zacko's ma has been cooking booya house all day for his grad party.”

Bubbler- a water fountain.
“I'm thirsty, where's a bubbler?”

Canadian Tuxedo- denim jacket with blue jeans.
“Hey Denim Dan, nice Canadian tuxedo!”

Cankles- where there is no defined end of the calf area as well as no defined beginning of the ankle area, aka chubby ankles.
“Did you see Johnny Cannizzo’s cankles?”
“Chyeah how could you miss them?”

Dart- a cigarette .
“Are you ever gonna quit rippin darts bro?”

Dick Broom- a moustache.
“That is one thickass dick broom.”

Dirt Squirrel- a female of questionable character who lurks the bars scavenging for nuts.
“She’s a dirt squirrel for sure!”

Dusty- someone who belongs in an attic collecting dust or someone or something that is ugly, terrible at sports, or just not cool.
“Doug is over there talking to some dusty-ass broads.”
“What a duster.”
“Wow, look at that dust bucket.”

Femullet- a female mullet.
“Nancy has a nice femullet!”

FIB- (gunt) Fucking Illinois Bastard.
“When was the last time those FIBS won, 1985?”

FUPA- (gunt) Fat Upper P**** Area
“OMG look at that fupa. It’s like the Fupasaurus Rex!”

Gongshow- crazy person, experience, or event. Widely used throughout the hockey world.
“That party turned into a complete gongshow last night.”

Jibbs- teeth. Mainly referring to crooked, chipped, or missing teeth.
“Did you see that guy’s jibs? He looks like he brushed his teeth with sh*t!”

Jofa- (butterface) everythings good ‘but her face’. Great body, awful face.
“Look at her, she’s stacked!
Nah B, good from far, far from good.
Oh yeah, total jofa, great gear, poor bucket.”

Krispie- (krisp) fresh, smooth, cool, swagger, fly.
“I look pretty krisp tonight…bitties keep flockin.”

Krustie- an un-kept, gross creature.
“Dude you’re lookin pretty krustie you f***in meatstick!”

Lunchbox- a little meat wagon. Someone who has littleman syndrome.
“That little lunchbox is needs to lay off the juice. Kids like 5’4” tall and wide.”

Man Shot- A tequila shot you take with a friend. You snort the salt, take the shot, squeeze the lime in your eye, and exchange punches to the face.
“Quit being so Charmin Ultra Soft and lets take a man shot.”

Meat stick- (meat wagon) a big muscle dummy who spends 22 hours in the weight room and the other 2 hours drinking protein shakes.
“Where is that guy’s neck? What a f***in meat wagon.”

Mifflin- A block party at the University of Wisconsin at the end of the spring semester. 20,000 plus attend annually to party on Mifflin Street where they consume immense amounts of alcoholic beverages and many local and out of state bands play on porches, balconies, and backyard stages. Approximately 300 alcohol related arrests happen annually.
“I took a four story beer bong at Mifflin last year.”

NARB- No Apparent Reason Boner

Paintstick- a paintstick that sucks up alcohol then shoots it in a person’s mouth. Another form of a beer bong that ads pressure to the gravity.
“Try this paintstick, you can drink a full beer in 2 seconds with it.”

Plug- someone who is completely useless.
“Wow what a plug. We should call him plugzilla!”

Rocket- an extremely attractive female (bitty).
“You see that girl on the other side of the pool, she's such a rocket.”

Scullet- instead of ‘business in front, party in back’ it’s ‘bald in front, party in back’.

Shocker- the bowling ball grip: two in the pink, one in the stink.

Smeagol- a frail, skinny, pale white girl who lurks the bar scene, looking for the drunkest guy to take home. (Lord of the Rings)
“You should stay away from Gollum over there cuz she’s definitely a smeagol.”

Swamp Donkey- a greasy looking, overweight girl who tries to get with any and every guy she can.
“Wow, there are a lot of swampers here, we need to leave asap.”

Titletown- Green Bay, Wisconsin
“The Packers just brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Titletown.”

Turd Cutter- a girl's butt.
“Damn she's got a nice turd cutter.”

Yoked- someone who is very muscular, typically a body builder.
“That guy is f***in yoked!”